A.B.A.S.A Forging Workshops



If you have always wondered what it would be like to be a blacksmith, you can attend an introductory workshop and try your hand at forging. If you wish to continue on we would require you to join as a member.

Our workshop structure at Penfield is geared toward getting you up to speed with the basics at your own pace. Don’t worry....we will take it slowly. With this in mind, we have arranged the first Saturday workshop of each month purely for new blacksmiths. The whole session is dedicated to getting you accustomed to the fire, the tools and the forging basics. We welcome anyone to come along and have a try. The cost is $10 for the day (plus $5 for materials).


Safety is paramount at all forges and you will be required to have the requisite safety equipment on the day.

This will include:- Safety Eyewear, full cover cotton clothing, hearing protection, fully enclosed work shoes or boots and leather gloves. A leather apron is recommended as added protection. You will also need a hammer....most important.

We recommend a 900 gram Engineers Ball Pein hammer  fitted with a wooden handle to start off.

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Our new Penfield home is located on the grounds of the Penfield Sports Association on Woomera Road, Penfield, on the western side of the grounds.

                                                  BASIC BLACKSMITH TRAINING -2016

A.B.A.S.A is running basic blacksmith courses at our Penfield Forge through the year.

Courses are run in the evening from 6:30pm-9pm over six Wednesday nights.

A mandatory indoctrination day is held on the last Sunday of the month prior to the first Wednesday course night. This is mandatory attendance for students. It is geared towards familiarizing students with the processes involved, including Safety, Fire management and blacksmiths tools.

The course caters for 6 students at a time. Once announced, the courses fill very quickly.

The first night will take you straight into  forging steel and learning the unique tools used in assisting the smith to work with fire and steel.

At the end of the course, students will take home a few items created under their own hand.

*Please Note - A.B.A.S.A is not in a position to offer industry recognized ‘Certificates in Blacksmithing’

Course cost is $200.00. (Materials are included)

Tea ,Coffee and biscuits will be available (Free). Soft drinks available at small cost.

Morphettvale Forge Workshop

Birdwood Forge Workshop

Penfield Forge Workshop

February              27

March                  26

April                    29   

January             -      16      23       31

February           6      13      20       28

March               5       12       19     27

April                  2         9        16    24

Hours: 10 am - 2:30 pm

Ring 8382 5559 for booking.